Herding Cats in Texas or Help Quilts for Kids ROund Rock Texas

In each of our lives we have moments in which we affect a positive change in a childs life.
There are 31, 556, 926 seconds in each year. An hour has 3600 seconds.
You figure it out.

YOU will decide today how YOU will Make A Differnece.

Central Texas was devastated with wild fires this summer.

The Quilts for Kids Local chapter in Bastrop, Texas wants to facilitate getting quilts to children whose families have lost everything.

Below is their story–

It is almost impossible to talk to anyone who doesn't know a family who has lost their home. It has been reported that the fires have destroyed 45,000 acres and approximately 1400 homes. This area is heavily wooded and varies from suburban sub-divisions to rural farms. The families were lucky if they were able to save family pets but most lost everything including homes, livestock, family pets, basically everything except their lives.

We know it isn't possible to give a quilt to every child but want to make a difference by providing quilts to the families who have the least resources. I have several contacts that are involved in the shelter efforts and feel that we can get the quilts to the children who need them most.

If your group has quilts to donate please contact Marie to coordinate or you can send them to:

Marie Schlameus
Chapter Coordinator
Quilts for Kids Round Rock
8308 Mendota Cove
Austin, Texas 78717

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