Busy Summer, Busy Lives...

Busy Summer, Busy Lives...we all have them, me too!

I don't live and breathe quilting, but I am passionate about it...at least the giving aspect and yes, I am a bit crazy about crafting, sewing and quilting.

I was thrilled that Kari dropped by last time and brought her daughter. I hope to see you again Kari and let's talk about your teen group at school. Rachel, come back! We had so much fun meeting you, seeing you produce your blocks...let's keep going! Kendra - Hagerstown...we have need for your skills to help others and be a great part of the community. I could go on, and likely I may have missed one or two ladies, but the point is this...These ladies after they joined up, they JOINED IN.

Participation is as important as any aspect of being a member. Start easy, make the Block of the Month, not sure - just ask...every member that has any skilll is EAGER to share their talent.

Will you be there Saturday?

I hope so... there are soldiers, kids with cancer and the other women of the MSP Quilting Angels that are counting on you.

Quilt On!


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