I went to the County Fair, The Birds and the Bees Were There..

The jingle, although changed above, recalls a simpler time. Go, seek out a simpler life. Find a local fair and attend. Get involved with the 4 H group in your area. Your life will be forever changed.

See how it changed the life of Deb Franklin of Germantown, MD.

What does it take to be a Leader?

Give. Give of yourself, your talent, your time. Give your passion selflessly to others that they too might, might then give to others and so on.

Meet Deb Franklin, of Germantown, MD. Deb has been in the alterations business for, well let's say, a long time.

While working, Deb has also been involved in sewing for fun, teaching children (do you read multi-talented) and adults too.

In May 2009, Deb, a member of MSP Quilting Angels, came to the group to encourage them to enter the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. Let me tell you, you could hear a pin drop. The impression was, not us! Deb lead the group toward what would be the most visually impressive geometric quilt we'd ever tackle.

Fabric was chosen, group assignments were given, teaching and mentoring began. The mantra of precision was hammered home. The unwilling and the fearful were led to the promised land. The quilt began to come together as few could believe it could.

Deb handled the quilting, Sandi finished the hanging pocket, Viola!

First Place - Group Quilt, 2009 Montgomery County Fair!

God Bless you Deb and Thank You from All the MSP Quilting Angels.

See the pictorial story, start to finish - FIRST PLACE

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  1. fabulous quilt - great job Quilting Angels.


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