Be Thankful, Save a Life and a family for Three dollars

Three Dollars will save her home and pay down her medical bills

Next week is Thanksgiving and truly the Stucks are thankful.

They have their daughter, a cancer survivor, TWICE, in Three years (now) at age 11.

Next week, the Stucks will celebrate the fourth anniversary of thier daughter's diagnosis with brain cancer and their Mom's birthday.

They will also begin the foreclosure on their home, and packing to leave it.

Cancer will have ravaged their lives once again.

Today, send this email to everyone you know and have them send it to everyone they know.

Today, take out your check book and write "I love you Mackenzie" in the Memo section, Then write a check for THREE DOLLARS.

Mackenzie's family needs one million dollars in 30 kidding.

Not a joke, not an internet scheme and tax deductible too.

Open your heart, your check book and send it to:

MacKenzie's Angel Fund

c/o SunTrust Bank
337 East Ridgeville Blvd
Mount Airy, Md 21771

God Bless

Now, get busy...she needs 330,000 people to do something great

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