What do you do when the President Calls?

Likely, there are many people in your life you have wanted to have a conversation with, but never had the opportunity.

What happens when YOU get THAT call?

Today, the call did not come from The President of the United States. Instead, the call came from the Executive Director of the Quilts of Valor Foundation (QOVF.org), Catherine Roberts!

Do you remember the game in grade schoool, "Phone Tree""or "Telegraph"? Everyone gets in a line, the teacher tells the first person something and down the line the story gets retold. "Little Janie has a pretty dress, a lovely hat and shiny shoes" the teacher says. By the time the story gets to the end of the line, "Little Janie" is an astronaut, has flown 12 missions and tamed Congress.

Our photographer, web guru and gabby person was having one of his moments (bragging about the MSP Quilting Angels) and chatting with the Co-Chair of the North Central Washington Quilt Guild in Wenatchee, WA via Yahoo QOV Chat about some "ideas" he has spinning in his head.

Well...as they say, the rest is history.

"Hello. This is Catherine Roberts, from Quilts of Valor", ""Is Jeff Thorne available?"

"Oh Hi!""No, he isn't here, can I help?" I replied.

"I was talking to Lori Kutch and understand Jeff is a longarmer"!

My JAW dropped, then I laughed! "No, he isn't a longarmer" (I'm thinking ...long yarner (story teller), long yawner (too many nights falling asleep at his computer). He doesn't even like getting shots! I would not disparage the good works of our ladies longarmers.

We proceeded to discuss the MSP Quilting Angels efforts, our mutual trials and tribulations (shared experiences) and what we are all doing for soldiers. Catherine was particlularly, interested in the fact all our quilts are blessed before they are distributed, which we discussed at length.

So, yes there are mutual hopes and directions for all of us...but that dream (nightmare) of Jeff being a longarmer...well that is one for the phone tree. Maybe when the story gets to the end of the line, he'll be a mild mannered husband, dutifully taking care of chores around the house and will come running when called. Come to think of it, maybe the longarm thing is not so far-fetched.

Quilt on!


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