Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine July/August - QOVF

In the Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting magazine July/August issue, Marianne Fons has created a beautiful Quilt of Valor published with the pattern in this issue.

The name of the pattern is Valiant Eagle and it is absolutely a show stopper. Marianne Fons uses Variable Star, Pin Wheels, and an applique Eagle in the center of the 64" x 80" QOV.

The Eagle pattern has been taken from the collection of the International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska Flying Eagles. I found I could also make a QOV from the Banner Day pattern in the front of the magazine when I made two and moving the one border to the outside.

It is a great pattern to show off quilting, add applique you love, or use that special fabric that you can not cut.

When you see the quilt you can add what you think.

If you don't have your copy yet...or are not a subscriber...there is still hope!

Follow the link below and get going!

Quilt on!


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