Quilts of Valor - Germantown Maryland

Baltimore Maryland - The MSP Quilting Angels of Germantown, Maryland are busy working to complete 100 Quilts of Valor to be distributed at the VA Hospital in Baltimore Maryland.

The MSP Quilting Angels of Germantown, Maryland, founded in 2004, are a talented and diverse ecumenical group of women whose works serve great causes - Candlelighters - Childhood Cancer Foundation, Quilts For Kids and Quilts of Valor . The custom heirloom quilts created by the MSP Quilting Angels are Blessed during a special Mass at Mother Seton Parish under the direction of Reverend Carlos Benitez before distribution to children with pediatric cancer or wounded warriors. The MSP Quilting Angels have numerous out-reach programs and seek joint partnerships with other organizations to support these worthy causes.

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  1. Too bad Iowa is half way across the continent or I would consider joining your group. I enjoyed the slide show. Keep up the good work! God Bless.


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