Vicksburg, MI - September 11 – Nine years later

Vicksburg, MI - September 11 – Nine years later – Blue sky, sunshine and definitely an autumn like day. Today’s weather is nearly identical to that the infamous day nine years ago, except today we are measurably safer, but perhaps without notice.

The quilt block shown here, created by Jonatha Johnson of Vicksburg, MI, represents the heroes and heroines of September 11, 2001, which will be forever emblazoned in our minds and hearts these.

Today, as we commemorate September 11, we offer Honor and Comfort to our military that have been touched by war. Like the emergency service teams that streamed into the towers to save countless lives, today’s warriors stream into harm’s way to ensure our safety, preserve and protect our freedoms.

The MSP Quilting Angels of Germantown MD, in collaboration with the Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) and partner Lockheed Martin, have joined forces to support the ASYMCA Operation Kid Comfort through which custom-made quilts are created for children of deployed military personnel who experience grief from missing their Mom or Dad.

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