Curtains make a new Home or How Quilt of Valor recipient # 60,096 was to be Honored and Comforted

New wife, New Life - a warrior returns home. 10 years and seven combat tours later, after serving valiantly to protect and defend the United States of America – 27 Years old, Sergeant Carlson restarted his life in Reedsville, WV.

Step back for a moment to Eleanor’s Quilts and Fabric’s, in Reedville, WV, located on, of all places, Veterans Memorial Highway (

Enter Melissa Carlson and Mom looking for fabric for new curtains for the home Melissa and Anthony will call their own. A fabric from the Timeless Treasures, American Valor series, catches Melissa’s eye.

There it was, on the selvage of the fabric, WWW.QOVF.ORG.

Hmm, Melissa thought…”I like this fabric, maybe there is more information online”.

Mom and Melissa complete their purchase of fabric and begin the task of making curtains.

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