Let Freedom Ring - Happy Birthday America!

Because of them - We have our Freedom

We sew, we quilt - Quilts of Valor. To Honor and Comfort those service members and Veterans, Touched By War.

From down range comes a note of gratitude.

Here is a picture thought y'all might like. We have been flying a lot of missions lately, mostly US soldiers.

We had 25 quilts come in the other day, so after our night of flying all night, some of the flight medics and I went over to the Bagram hospital to give the quilts to the medical staff. They are ensuring that the quilts go with the soldiers that we bring in on their way to Germany and back to the US.

I honestly could not look up the names of all the people who sent quilts in order to thank them properly. If possible, please let all the QOVF volunteers around the country know that their volunteer work is much appreciated over here. Everytime I go into the ER or ICU coming from the frontline, it hits me and reminds me what my crew is doing out on the lines.

I am thankful to work with the crew I have and have experienced the upmost professionalism I have seen in my life.

I hope to have a good point of contact in the next couple of weeks when our replacements arrive. Less than a month for us and it feels good to pack.

Hope all is well back in the States and y'all have a nice 4th of July.

Very Respectfully,


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