Touched by an Angel

“When you return from down range, you are required to go to the VA”. “There are lots of items they give you, welcome home packages and other things, but one item I received was something I did not expect”, “The label read ‘Quilt of Valor pieced by Joanne K, Quilted by Lynn R, MSP Quilting Angels, Germantown, MD’”.

Today, July 14, 2012, Joanne K was humbled to receive an expression of gratitude.

She received this recognition from someone she would never have known nor had the opportunity to express her gratitude personally, except for a QOV Label, with her First name, last initial and the name of the group with whom she is a member.

The Quilt of Valor was proudly awarded at the Baltimore Veterans Affairs Hospital by the staff.

Go figure – from down range to down home!

Welcome home fellow American, Welcome home!

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