What is your family saying about you?

You know, as hard as we work, as much as we give…you tend to wonder, does anyone notice?


It was one recent night at a local restaurant. While exchanging chit chat, the question came up " So, what about your family?" Not being shy and being a former County Commander for the American Legion in Illinois (thank you for your service!), Al, a never shy or retiring person, told listeners about Sandy, her awesome quilting and the MSP Quilting Angels!

Not certain of the entire conversation, we are certain of the results of the conversation.

Carolina (Car-O-LENA) a listener to the conversation mentioned her mother. Carolina went on to say that her mother had quilted previously (apparently extensively) and now, while living in California she crochets. Carolina's mother amassed an extensive collection of batiks and prints.

This new collection will provide the MSP Quilting Angels a stronger foundation toward meeting our 2009 goals of 100 Quilts for Kids and 100 Quilts of Valor.

Carolina (and Mom!), you have forever changed our lives and those of countless children with pediatric cancer and wounded vets.

Al, Thank YOU for speaking up and speaking out about your wonderful wife and the awesome heirloom quilts she makes with all the MSP Quilting Angels. To you also we are deeply indebted. Keep on speaking up!

To see the new collection of fabrics, please VISIT HERE.

Quilt on!

MSP Quilting Angels

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  1. I am nearly in tears with excitement for you ladies, after the GENEROUS, marvelous fabric donation from Caroline. It is all so beautiful, and I can see the plans forming in the heads of all the happy faces. Wish I lived closer...but I'll do what I can from OHIO. God bless you richly as you work, Deb T.


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