Hey Neighbor! Welcome!!

These days it seems all to frequently in our area, when we get home - we disappear into our homes.

We turn on electronic devices and connect to the world or the world comes to look at what we are doing.

How would you greet your neighbor if you saw them or knew what they did for fun (quilting right?!).

Last month we had visitors, 414 + 5...give or take. Whew!

From around the world and across the United States, neighbors came to see, read and understand what fun we were having and what good deed we were doing!

People of all walks of life came from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Poland, Japan, Norway, France, Netherlands, Romania, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Ireland, Taiwan, Mexico, Pakistan, Finland, South Korea, Philippines, Hungary, Spain, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Serbia, Argentina, Israel and that was just last month, Whew!

So What’s the Point?

Someone or so MANY are interested in the good works we are doing! From the United States (34 STATES !) one neighbor in particular was so interested she JOINED IN by making the Block Of The Month!

Welcome Neighbor! Welcome Deb Tiefenthather from Columbus Ohio!

Deb recognized the MSP Quilting Angels, because her daughter and husband attended Mother Seton Parish (our benefactor and home) while they lived in Germantown in recent years. Oh how good deeds get noticed!

Deb says, she has made 2 Quilts of Valor and is working on two more! Way to go! QOV Rocks!

So, our new neighbor has sent us beautiful Patriotic Blocks using our Block Of The Month selections.

Deb, and all our new neighbors, you can’t imagine what will happen next!!

So, the bottom line is this, listen, invite, join up, but JOIN IN!

Your life and the lives of those we serve will be forever changed, I guaranteed it!

Coming up, read about another Al you have not met, but wish you could!

Pssst! Want a peak in and see what great deeds Deb was performing? Look HERE.

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